How Teachers Should Be Evaluated


According to the knowledge gained after pursuing this course for eight weeks and from last week’s readings, I would suggest that the evaluation of teachers should be based not only on the student’s performance but also on some other alternative factors. One of the alternatives that can be employed in the assessment of teachers is their availability in the class. Since not all teachers are always available in class on all days of the week, evaluation should be based on their class attendance. Basing the assessment of a teacher on their performance may lead to them increasing students’ performance through cheating and raising their grades.

Teachers should also be evaluated based on their mode of teaching. For students to have a faster and a better understanding of the classwork, each teacher from all the subjects pursued by the students should employ his/her best teaching strategies. The highest rank should be given to the teacher having the best system overall. Attending class on time without lateness is another evaluation factor to be considered. The less time teacher should be evaluated poorest, and the most timekeeping teacher should be evaluated as excellent. When applied, these bases of evaluation will improve the teacher’s morale, which will enhance the student’s performance.

How to Know a Teacher and a School Are Doing a Good Job to Educate Children

The high performance of the student in a given class or the whole school is clear evidence of an excellent job done by the teachers. The concept also applies to hiring the high skilled teachers by the school who are first assessed on their skills by the recruiters. Highly professional teachers hired effectively and keenly through a transparent employing process is a clear indication that both teachers and the school are doing an excellent job in educating students.

Metrics to Use

One of the metrics that would be used to ascertain the job well done by both teachers and students is better performance. Good performance indicates a job well done, while poor performance means a job poorly done. Students’ discipline would be another metric applicable to ascertain that the job is done well. When students adhere to the school’s rules and regulations and teachers work as instructed by the school’s recruiters, this means an excellent job well done by teachers and the school.

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