Job Interview Reflection

Taking on a role can provide essential insights into future real-life situations. For my previous assignment, I played an interviewer to better my understanding of how communication is critical for my future career of choice. By using the DIEP strategy, I can ensure that my experience will improve outcomes in similar encounters. In this reflection, I will express my thoughts regarding the job interview assignment and my role in it as an interviewer.

Description of the Experience

By participating in a simulated interview, I realized the importance of finding a balance between being empathetic and keeping a professional tone. As it was noted in the feedback, the atmosphere of the interview was stressful due to my nervousness. However, I believe that I played my role with relative success, despite an interviewee’s disruptive behavior. Despite their rudeness and a tendency to steer away from the topic, I was able to redirect our conversation back to the topic with polite remarks. This approach brought the value of clarity in communication and how this factor ensures a productive usage of one’s time.

Understanding The Insights

This idea gave me a new perspective on the nature of employability as a deciding factor in the labor market. I believe that my experience might mean that a presentation of self indicates many subtle aspects of one’s character to a potential employer. Its primary implication is the fact that upholding a proper tone in business-related communication is a task for both parties, independent of each other. Moreover, I understood that the way I represent myself would affect the price of my skills. Articulatory skills serve as the front page of one’s portfolio during interviews, making it vital to teach students how to express themselves in a clear and concise manner (Goodwin et al., 2019). There is also a significant difference between self-perception and the way others see me, and being emotionally intelligent is a robust personal quality I must strive to develop.


I believe that this realization will change my approach to presenting not only my accomplishments but my behavior as well. Business communications play a critical role in the majority of modern careers, putting this experience among the basic ones for my future success. I intend to continuously assess how my behavior influences the way my interactions with others go. For example, I can see how I was not able to remain strictly professional without sounding too nervous, and this factor decreased my performance. Oral communication is one of the most critical skills that employers are seeking among graduates (Goodwin et al., 2019). My approach to professional conversations must be adjusted after this job interview.

Plans and Conclusion

In conclusion, this experience has provided me with valuable insight into the necessity of balancing expressing one’s thoughts in full detail and staying professional. This simulation made it clear that articulating one’s thoughts with precision is a requirement in business-related conversations that must not be ignored for the sake of mutual respect and benefit. The way I convey myself will decide many aspects of my future career.

I plan to apply this knowledge in the future each time I am taking a work-related interview. Remembering that staying on-point is the primary goal of professional communication is a vital part of the vast majority of careers. Moreover, such an evaluation would be beneficial during my encounters with potential business partners, as I can read their manners to assess their professionalism.


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