Aspects of Short-Term Career Goals

With an understanding of career prospects and growth plans for the near future, people can channel their energy in the right direction to achieve their goals and fulfill specific tasks. In my case, short-term goals are simple, which, nevertheless, allows me to focus on the necessary measures to take and use the available forces and resources successfully. Starting my own business is my short-term objective for the near future.

The realization of professional strengths, the application of past experiences, and the successful use of personal attributes are aspects to combine to achieve the assigned tasks. My goal in my post-MBA career is to open a store serving exotic pastries and coffee, and this aim requires applying management skills and knowledge of the basics of marketing principles in the target market. My last 15 years have been in the US Army, of which for the last five years, I have worked as the station leader, recruiting Americans for the country’s military. This experience is valuable because I interacted with different people and developed valuable communication skills that, if applied correctly, can help me build high customer loyalty.

In terms of my professional strengths, I can note the developed verbal attainments, creativity, and the ability to maintain leadership in the team. These skills directly relate to my experience of serving in the Army because, when interacting with different people, I have learned many mechanisms of effective communication. Working in this field required me to have good verbal skills to give recruits all the information they needed regarding their future service and to support them if necessary. Therefore, I can mark creativity as one of my strengths. Finding an individual approach to everyone and creating a sustainable interest among the population were the duties that I had to fulfill in the framework of my daily activities. Thus, in the future, while opening my own business, I will be able to find an approach to each client and establish productive communication with the staff of my store. This perspective reflects effective leadership, and since I have demonstrated the relevant skills in the past, this will be easier for me to adapt to work in a civilian environment.

Personal attributes, in my case, are largely based on resilience as a quality that can be valuable to a budding entrepreneur. I spent one year of my military service in Afghanistan on a US counterterrorism mission. This activity became important to me and allowed me to develop crucial teamwork and endurance skills. Concerning my future store, I view this experience as a meaningful exercise in my endurance and stress resistance. Therefore, today, I feel that I have enough inner resources to cope with any challenges and barriers. Moreover, I am confident that the leadership qualities acquired during my time in the hot spot can help me better understand the motives and behaviors of people, be they, my colleagues or clients.

As a result, personal skills, experiences, and individual qualities are important aspects to take into account for me to realize my short-term goal of opening the store. Creativity, military work, and developed verbal skills are valuable attributes of my personality, and their application in the civilian field can bring positive results. The combination of these attainments is the key to successful work in overcoming entrepreneurial difficulties and barriers to success in my new environment.

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