Discussion: Books and Literacy

Significance of books and literacy in the society

Books and literacy are the foundation for success both at an individual and societal level. Through information, both entities have an opportunity to improve their quality of life. Books are the enablers of knowledge that allow people to understand the importance of communicating, reading, and writing, which is critical for economic and social development. Furthermore, literacy transcends beyond the ability to read and write and provides society with a chance to use the acquired information to communicate effectively. In a globalized society, the diversity associated with literacy goes beyond simply understanding what has been read; books and literacy allow people to comprehend and employ information across multiple formats to communicate effectively.

Literature censorship

Books are an essential platform through which people acquire knowledge between worlds, and some have the ability or responsibility to challenge the perception of everything. On the other hand, others have the mandate of inspiring an entire generation. Far from being a source of entertainment, like films and TVs, books provide an essential gateway through which people can effectively communicate with a diverse group of people. Therefore, young readers are blocked from accessing an entire world of thought when literature is censored. Censoring certain books results in more harm than good, particularly among children and young readers. Through reading, not only are these audiences going on a journey with the characters, they gain a similar mindset to the author. Further, censoring literature results in the omission of specific information that makes it what it is, and blocking such data from access limits the younger generation’s ability to fully understand what has shaped society into what it has become.

How books give power to the powerless

Reading is the best thing that happens to anyone since it allows several opportunities that will enable one to be an effective communicator and provide power through knowledge acquisition. Books give power to the powerless in several ways; first, they offer the opportunity to grow one’s wisdom. Knowledge has been associated with the beginning of wisdom, and through reading, one understands why things happen the way they do. According to Bradbury (58), “A book is a loaded gun in the house next door. Burn it. Take the shot from the weapon,” books are weapons that allow people to take a shot in life. Through books, people can gain the freedom that comes with knowledge, which will enable them to access the wisdom that allows them to set up their potential for value creation. Furthermore, familiarizing oneself with the challenges and experiences of others provides that affirmation required in taking the next stage in life. Therefore, power comes through connecting the dots to comprehend what must be done.

Communication is central to how people achieve success in life. Based on the significance that books and literacy have on individuals, reading plays an essential role in how people improve how they communicate; therefore, the book empowers people to seek out more imaginative and exciting ideas that set them apart, which is a form of power. Moreover, through knowledge, the potential to become more intelligent and even more prosperous is enhanced by becoming an expert matter reader. Such reading is a platform for power to the powerless since it offers an opportunity where people to learn and implement the acquired knowledge to what they have to do.

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